In building or changing your corporate strategy, making the initial decision is the easy part. So what happens AFTER you make the decision to focus your organization on a narrowed target market by deepening your focus or through customer adjacencies (same customers, new offering / same offering, new customers). How do you actuallt get there?

Yes: Do all of the long-term visionary work, engage employees, align your resources to the vision, build accountability. But when you’re done all this, you’re not done.

Usually, the greatest body of work is beyond this point. Sustaining change, aligning the operations to the strategy, shifting culture, building organizational competencies. It’s a whole bunch of operational work that must be done with crystal strategic clarity.

The question becomes: who is going to drive it? There is a level of management that lives in both the strategic and operational worlds. They think corporately and manage divisionally. This is who is often needed to make it real. Are they accountable to their strategic level, and are they driving the operational level. Sustaining effort, and operationalizing the plan is their contribution.

So if your organization has done all of the great work to envision a better future, have you gone the distance? How do you know when you have arrived? It’s worth thinking about…

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