You cannot do what you cannot describe. This is the basis for strategy management. Too often, organizations assume that everyone is on the same page rather than taking the time to really carefully define strategy and objectives. The result is too great of a focus on operational priorities, the tail wags the dog.

IF you have a well-built strategy framework, you can rattle this off without a hitch. If you can’t, you have some work to do.

Can you answer these questions confidently?

Are (all) your employees excited by your vision?
What is your value discipline and are your operations actively aligning to it?
Are all of your functional strategies aligned to the value discipline?
How well defined is the customer experience?
Does your whole workforce live and breathe the customer experience?
What customer dis-satisfiers are most salient and is the resolution a focal point in your business plan?
What are all the things that primarily determine the success of your strategy?
Are they the basis for your corporate measurement?
How hard are the targets you set for yourself?
Is your whole company made accountable for the measures they individually contribute to?

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