In order for your strategy to succeed, you need to be more than a great strategist. That’s only have the battle. The other half is whether you are able to bring that envisioned future to life. The second issue is being able to achieve successful implementation. These two skillsets work hand in hand, but the responsibilities are very different. One without the other always equals failure unless you’re a one man band.

If you’re a great strategist and visionary, you have a role in helping others see, touch and feel that vision. Make it real, help people smell what it’ll be like when you win. But every strategist needs someone who is experienced in translating that vision into tangible outcomes, processes through a consistency that nurtures alignment.

Now you don’t personally need to carry the weight for both of those competencies, as long as someone does. The question is what you’ve got to work with? Are you stronger on one front than the other? Is there a recognition of the need for both?

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