There are lots of daunting things about wading through the strategy tools and methodologies available to you. Every good conference you go to will introduce something new. It may make you wonder if you’re missing something important in what you’re doing because this is one of the least standardized fields around. So what should you focus on as you consider your options?

Don’t get lost in the detail. There is a ton of overlap in what is available to you, and not every tool will work in any given situation. Blue ocean strategy development may fit a moment in time for you, such as when jumping S Curves, but something more conventional may fit the bill at another time. Intuition plays more of a role in strategy development and management than you may have previously imagined. After all, any truly big strategy is simply a product of leadership imagination, based in a grounded sense of potential.

Do what you intuitively believe fits the moment and situation for your organization. Look for processes that are developed by those who you consider the best in the industry (like Palladium Group). Recognize that a sound strategy framework involves a lot of pieces, and has to be built one at a time. Once you close a gap, you’re never done. Keep closing the gaps as you go. Recognize management frustration as a sign that you have more work to do.

The exciting part about this job is how dynamic it is, and the amount of creativity you get to exercise.

Introduce new tools to close gaps in what you’re trying to accomplish and never introduce a process that isn’t solving a problem the organization has.

Have you covered the basics in incredible detail and clarity?
• what are you working to achieve?
• who are you working to achieve that with, and to what extent?
• what are the component parts that contribute to that achievement, and what are the interdependencies?
• what is unique about your organization’s strategy that will result in competitive advantage?
• how does every person contribute?
• how will everyone be held accountable for results?

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