Implementing big strategies and transformational change within your organization is exciting, but it’s usually not easy. There are short-term challenges that are difficult because they require hard conversations and decisions. And there are challenges that are difficult because they require a sustained focus over a long period of time. Sustaining focus is a unique kind of challenge, and requires tenacious leadership. Ensuring your strategy doesn’t become a flavor of the week helps to maintain your credibility as a leader.

So how relentless is your organization on strategy implementation and continuous improvement?
• Is your budget linked to strategy?
• How many hours a month do your executive spend talking about strategy?
• Do the senior leadership lead strategic initiatives or does it fall down to lower levels?
• Do executive sponsors guarantee the resources required to make strategies succeed?
• How many strategies have died for lack of focus?
• Does every employee understand the strategy, their role, and can they explain it?
• How many examples of successfully implemented strategies can employees reference?

What do you need to put in place to make sure your new big strategy doesn’t end up in mothballs prematurely?

Clarity: Exactly what is going to be accomplished, by whom, by when, what does success look like?
Accountability: Establish the expectations, and ensure that results or lack or results will be extremely visible
Leadership: All change requires leadership to succeed, ongoing leadership goes a long way
Culture: Culture trumps strategy every time
Data: Be accountable for quantifiable types of performance, not soft targets
Processes that drive sustained focus: Establish who should meet, how often, and tie compensation to results

Tenacity turns intentions into results.

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