Across your organization, people are making decisions… every day. The extent to which those decision are made within the context of your overall strategy play a significant role in your success. Decisions without understanding what the appropriate context should be universally creates risk. And yet, you’ll rarely walk into an organization and not find a myriad of examples where this isn’t happening. Throughout my professional career, I have encountered this time and again, and you have too.

A key symptom I’ve come to identify is simply confusion. People can sense when there is a pileup of disconnects… and most people look the other way recognizing that it may not be worth the effort and career risk to “go there” if no one else is willing to go there with you.

One effective way is to begin to create an organizational competency of effective strategic decision making. If everyone consistently connects decisions to the context of the strategy the disconnect pileup will start to go away. This is where building a component into your strategy management methodology like what I refer to as core strategies.

Core strategies are identified as the handful of really critical functions within your organization where alignment becomes a make or break for the business overall. In all of these areas, require accountability for building a true strategy, and being accountable for results. Involve these functions in the critical decision making meetings, they are the people that determine your success.

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