For people like you and I, strategy development can be incredibly exciting and rewarding. Once you have your strategy, and you’ve got a strategy map and scorecard completely linked and tied to compensation and executive performance plans… and everything finally fits. Well, it’s fantastic.

Here’s the reality check: All of that great work is for nothing if you don’t bring your people along. Here are two truths:

1) Strategy can’t travel to your clients without first going through your employees (competitive strategy actualization, customer experience)
2) Culture trumps strategy every time

Employees may not live in the blue sky realm with your executive and OSM, but they are the ones delivering on the brand and the value discipline. Their actions create the brand, because a brand actually exists in the hearts and minds of your customers and potential customers. Culture, employee engagement and leadership are the keys to making your strategy work. Coming up with the strategy is actually the easier part, it’s making it real that only 1 out of 5 companies succeed in.

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