If you find yourself in the position of taking over the reins of a strategy management position, where do you begin? There are so many facets to this kind of work that it can be a daunting task. Particularly because focusing on the wrong thing can be a huge opportunity cost for your organization. Sometimes focusing on initiating strategy management processes is the first step. Other times, education is where you need to begin. It all depends on where the organization and the leadership is at.

Here are a couple base questions you need to answer to get your bearings:

Is the common view of how you’re performing truly accurate? (don’t take anyone’s word for it)
Is the vision of where you’re going compelling, and is it big enough? (are people driven by it and understand it consistently)
Is there a central competitive strategy that everyone understands and is aligning to? (everyone has a plan in place)
Are people meaningfully connected to it? (people truly get it)
Do your leaders truly lead alignment to strategy? (they act as strategy advocates)

Moving forward before you answer these questions could be a mistake. Sometimes your greatest challenge is the lack of defined direction and strategic clarity. Other times it’s a lack of real leaders. And yet other times it’s a lack of the processes that create the right conversations. But defining the issue before you proceed will set you up for success.

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