It’s performance planning season again in many organizations. What is the purpose of your performance plan? How do you write it?

Some people write to the level they can get away with in terms of minimal action, while others write to the maximum amount of change their organization will let them lead in a single year (so they don’t lose everyone else). What kind of plan do you write? Assuming that you maintain a consistent focus on the plan all year long, this is a highly important step in the success of your career.

As a base assumption behind your plan… there’s one principle that always guarantees success: make your clients look like rock stars. Do it in a way that allows them to get the glory for it too. If your client base is the executive team, your job is to make them look like rock stars in front of the board, and the organization. If your client base is a series of middle management, make them look like rock stars in front of the exec team. When the strategy behind the tactics is set with this kind of focus in mind, it really takes your behaviors to the next level.

There is plenty of opportunity to go around when success abounds, and this is how you make yourself valuable.

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