When you prepare for a strategic planning session, how brave are you? If you have been doing environmental analysis, internal feedback loop and strategy management sessions for any amount of time, you’re probably aware of the obvious risks in your environment and created through your existing strategy. Hopefully you’re aware of potential risks from the emerging environment as well. The question is whether you push the executive to answer questions they may not have an answer to. The things that are uncomfortable to talk about. Is there a professional responsibility for you to do so?

Yes, there is. There are too many “Strategy” consultants out there that are satisfied with a feel good session, or to focus on the things that are most exciting in the moment. Many attributes of this type of planning are beneficial, but not past the point where your organization is assuming risk from ignoring the difficult challenges. Does your strategy address the difficult questions? Your organization will never change the world without going this distance.

If your organization hasn’t addressed the risks you can see today, it’s not likely to be positioned to handle emerging risks that will be on your plate in the near future.

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