Within an organization, there are all kinds of styles and personalities, but only one planning system. You need to leave room for people to be themselves, while still maintaining some consistency within the strategy management system. There has to be room for people to contribute in a way that aligns with their strengths. There are, however, gains to be made in efficiency by supporting decision makers with tools and planning approaches so they don’t have to build their own agendas. As the person who architects the planning process, you will be able to include subtle dynamics into the discussion that will support their ability to be successful and shine at other points during the year.

Take the best of what is working within the organization, and share it as a baseline agenda for leaders to successfully participate in the planning process. Build and re-tool based on their experiences and successes. This constant improvement will dial your processes in and really put you in touch with what your people need from you.

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Categories: Strategic Planning