It’s funny how many research hours go into creating massive and comprehensive documents that are used by such a small percentage of the organization. Many organizations don’t have the structure to regularly convert data into any kind of wisdom on a large scale.

I’d like to suggest that in order to really capture the collective wisdom, energy and capacity of an organization it has to start with their minds. The base structure for this begins with some kind of consistency in planning, through corporate planning standards or whatever works for you. Once you have the ENTIRE company following the same kind of alignment methodology, feed it. Take the outputs of your environmental monitoring system and executive discussion and feed it back as input to team and division planning. Get everyone in your company seeing and understanding the business issues, risks, opportunities. When 100% of your company understands what you’re trying to accomplish and all the relevant supporting and resisting environmental factors, how can they not be more effective in making that happen.

Turn your research efforts inside. Don’t let the insight of executive level meetings go to waste, but don’t drown people in reams of paper. Communicate short, blunt, insightful data, factors and risks that people will find interesting. Show people the strategy but not being honest about all the supporting factors leaves executive teams to deal with it on their own. Trust your team and bring them into the fold.

If it’s interesting, it’s meaningful.

If it’s meaningful, it’s interesting.

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