Many great books have been written by insightful leaders on the concept of competing for the future. Despite that, there is a continuum of organizational focus that ranges from trying to resist change, right to purposefully disrupting your own industry. There will always be an argument for why change is bad. And yet, it’s difficult to argue that those who disrupt industries won’t be the people that define and own future market spaces. No one ever became a market leader by resisting change.

A few question to ask yourself:

1) What % of the time are you leading change that disrupts your competitors vs. the opposite?
2) Is the change you’re resisting based on self-preservation? (You don’t understand it, It’s going to impact your job, Your people are worried about it, You’re not sure how to build a strategy to address it, Your organization and partners are too small to address the risks)

Your strategies need to describe how you’re going to beat the competition, otherwise you are at risk of being overtaken. In a competitive market, there is no middle ground of “play nice”. You’re either winning or losing.

With that in mind, are you creating the future, or avoiding it?

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