Telling the story of your strategy

I’m sure all of us have heard or read a story from a really great author or story teller. You feel, hear and see the story, it’s like you’re there. Without that skill, it’s just a bunch of words. If you want people to get excited about where your business is moving, you need to show them where it is.

In order to help you make that happen, I thought I’d tackle 2 of the greatest unspoken misconceptions about strategy

1) People can implement strategy without you clearly articulating it

The people that work for you may not ask for the direction, it’s likely they operate in mild state of confusion or that their work is not as focused as it could be. Perhaps their work is focused, but it’s just not changing. Strategy is about change. If the leader isn’t leading, it doesn’t happen. This means that you are gradually becoming less relevant and environmental risks are slowly overtaking you.

The job of the leader is to help their people envision the future and then move the group toward capturing it. You must articulate the direction, which means you need a clear picture of what that is!

2) Telling people the direction is enough to make you a good leader

Implementing strategy isn’t easy and it isn’t a once a done activity. People avoid it because they don’t understand it. No one wants to admit that they need help or don’t have all the pieces. I’m just going to say it, you can’t blurt out direction in January and point the finger at your managers in December if you weren’t leading the charge between February and November. Delegation and accountability is a given, but this stuff doesn’t happen on its own.

Good leaders are still made up of those who lead. It’s a rare breed of person who has the ability to see the future, but it’s useless unless you take people there. Regular discussions that maintain focus and accountability are critical.

Now go write your own story about where your business is going and we’ll see you there!